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Problem Scenario (as faced)

If it happens to be that your Exchange CAS box is crashed, either accidentally or by mistake, there is absolutely no way of getting it back. You might try creating an Exchange server with the same IP address and same server naming convention, but it simply will not work in any case due to the existing failed exchange server information Exchange Active directory and utilized domain configuration as well as Schema partitions of the .DIT DB file. The only viable option that you are left with in that scenario is to use the fallowing switch for performing the Exchange Server installation, in case it is a mailbox server.

Recover with /M:RecoverServer Switch - Steps to Be Undertaken:

  • First and foremost, you must install the fresh Server
  • Then, you need to provide the same IP as well as the same computer name which was there previously before the Exchange server failed.
  • Join the domain and also you need to ensure that your account has been added into the Local administrator and also that you have proper rights for Exchange administrator.
  • Now, the nest step is to reset the computer account in AD
  • From there onwards, you must make sure that your Server is identical with the failed server by keeping the drive letters same etc
  • Now, you need to copy the binaries of the Exchange installation onto this server
  • Eventually, drill to that directory
  • Finally, use the fallowing switch

Better Way of Dealing with It - By Using Exchange Recovery software

How to restore EDB files from failed server? Finding answer to this question also lands you in the rein of yet another cool-tool, the Repair Exchange Mailbox software, provided by an industry leading software vendor. Use it to restore EDB files easily, swiftly, timely, accurately and smartly, whereby maintaining complete data integrity and ascertaining end-to-end recovery.

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